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Photograph by Marie-Chantal Moret

The 700 year old Château du Pailly presents an historical puzzle

Pailly is one of the rare 16th century castles in eastern France that is still intact. Most castles of the Renaissance period have been gradually transformed into stately homes during the following centuries, thus losing their original character.

Located in the Champagne region, it is in the style of castles found further south. Built by the Saulx-Tavannes family from Burgundy, the château is more like those found in the Morvan or the valley of the Saône, rather than those in the Marne or Meuse to the north.

Better known among art historians than the public at large, its austere form and architectural interest raise it to the level of national heritage.

It is the property of the State. It is promoted by the Association Renaissance du Château du Pailly.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication – DRAC Grand Est.


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