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    Photographs by C.Pelletier and D. Martin


The chateau is an ancient feudal residence transformed between 1563 and 1573 into a Renaissance mansion, which has belonged to the State since 1963. The attractive grounds include a formal decorative garden and a romantic landscaped park.

The square shaped formal garden is surrounded by walks of clipped lime trees that provide shade and coolness during the summer. The landscape garden includes a hill local species, and a sunlight plain with isolated groups of exotic species.


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Conservation orchard

In January 2014, different varieties of pear, apple and plum trees were planted in a reserved area of the park, to protect these ancient local species of fruit trees.

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Plantations established by Arlant nurseries

Photographs by E. Chevalier and D. Martin


Our partner for the gardens:

Local branch  of the Crédit Agricole Champagne Bourgogne in Chalindrey